Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Implementing Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) capabilities and associated Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS) is more complex and demanding than a typical utility project. It’s not as simple as selecting a vendor and waiting for the technology to be deployed. To successfully deal with AMI’s inherently complex technology, AMI projects require utilities to follow a well thought out and carefully designed system implementation and integration process. This is where WebCom Technology can help. Partner with our team of experts to ensure the project gets done on time, within your budget, and to your expectations. We offer project management and implementation services, system engineering and integration services, test engineering, change engineering, and training – everything needed to ensure your AMI project is successful.


AMI Systems

AMI Systems: AMI Systems help utilities measure customers consumption and power quality parameters remotely and leverage the latest grid technology to save money on operational costs. With support for On-Demand Reads and Connect/Disconnect commands utilities can capture significant cost savings. Smart meters enable utilities to provide customers with detailed information about their energy usage, which in turn enables customers to manage their energy use more proactively. Smart Meters are the starting point for creating a Smart Grid. AMI applies digital technologies to every aspect of the industry, from generation, to transmission, to distribution, to the customer interface. This will help the grid sense and respond to what is happening to the energy flow, keeping it in balance and improving reliability. Through the power quality parameters, utility can plan and operate their network more efficiently. WebCom Technology delivers comprehensive AMI implementation services in partnership with leading AMI and MDM vendors to mitigate the risks of complex systems integration. Our services include:

  • A highly skilled WebCom Technology team rich in knowledge of MDM products and live AMI and MDM implementations.
  • Development of a business case detailing benefit cost analysis of implementing your AMI project.
  • Preparation of your RFP and evaluation and selection the AMI system equipment, software, and services that will be needed.
  • Development of the AMI implementation and integration plan.
  • Creation of an IT platform  and implementation plan.
  • Communication system design and planning.
  • Rollout of smart meters and the communication system.
  • Management the complete AMI system.
  • Training utility personnel on system operation.

We can help you choose the perfect solution to suit your company requirements and budget.

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