E-Commerce Services

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services using a computer network such as the Internet. E-commerce provides people with the luxury of shopping from their home without any effort. They can search, compare, choose, and purchase over e-commerce websites.

E-commerce opens up new ways to market your products and create a uniform brand presence across the world with less effort, less money, and more efficiency. WebCom Technology has a proven track record in developing e-commerce systems that provide an online solution for selling and buying goods and services on a global level. Our e-commerce development solutions are customizable to meet your current and future business needs. The WebCom Technology team will design, develop and manage your websites and web stores to effectively display your products and brands over the Internet. Our solutions work across devices of all sizes, including desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones.


Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce: Recent statistics show that about 82% of smartphone users are using their devices for online shopping, a figure that continues to grow. It’s essential to have mobile versions of any e-commerce system. The most successful systems incorporate graphical, user-friendly designs and offer one-click purchasing. Webcom Technology offers the service of e-commerce using smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., to help you meet this market demand.

Manage Multiple Stores

Manage Multiple Stores: WebCom Technology systems allows you to create a multi-site store. This feature allows you to control many stores using a single integrated system. You can also create unique online stores for multiple brands, B2B, B2C, co-branding, and affiliate products. It also includes the ability to create mini-stores for promotional campaigns.

Mulitple Vendors & Drop Shipping

Mulitple Vendors & Drop Shipping: With WebCom Technology, you can sell online without having to stock inventory or ship orders by using our drop shipping features. When using drop shipping, each product is assigned to a particular vendor whose details (including email address, phone number, and other details) are stored. When an order is placed, an email notification is sent to the vendor of the product. The email includes the products, quantities, and order details. The vendor then ships the item to the customer on your behalf. Businesses which operate this way typically pay their vendors at the end of the month.

Coupons & Discounts

Coupons & Discounts: Structure your coupons and discounts exactly the way you want them. Discounts can be either a fixed value or a percent off and can have a specified start and end date. Discounts can be applied not only to products, but also to categories, shipping, or order total. Other various discounts are available such as quantity discounts: ‘One time only’ and ‘One time per customer’.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing: Online marketing leverages the reach of the Internet to deliver promotional messages to consumers. It consists of reaching out to potential customers through multiple channels including email, social media, mobile, web banners, etc. At WebCom Technology, we provide outstanding ways to create online marketing for your products and brands.

Newsletter & Gift Cards

Newsletter & Gift Cards: Create custom newsletters and email campaigns, complete with subscribe and unsubscribe support. Our e-commerce systems also have built-in support for gift cards delivered via email and classic gifts sent via post office

Import related products to Facebook

Import related products to Facebook: Import and share your products to Facebook with a few simple steps and start selling to Facebook users. Display related products or accessories for specific products to customers while they browse a product’s page or before checkout.

Reward Points System

Reward Points System: Encourage customers to spend more time at your store by offering points per dollar. The customer can then use the points toward purchasing products from your store.

Checkout Service

Checkout Service: WebCom Technology e-commerce systems provide multiple ways to checkout, making it easier for your customers. Options include:

  • Anonymous checkout: Because many customers don’t want to create an account just for checkout, this feature supports online checkout without creating an account.
  • One-page checkout: Make checkout easier for your customers by reducing the steps required to complete the checkout process. This method helps increase revenue and conversion rate.
  • Checkout add-ons: At the checkout you can provide customers with various options, for example, to gift wrap their items or add personal messages.

Additional checkout features:

  • SMS notification
  • Mini shopping cart
  • Multilingual and multicurrency support
  • PDF order receipts
  • Phone order support
  • Configurable measure weights and dimensions

Payment Methods

Payment Methods: Multiple online payment methods can be configured, allowing you to accept all credit and debit cards along with other forms of payment. The e-commerce system incorporates more than 15 payment methods including:

  • PayPal Standard
  • PayU
  • Amazon
  • Manual gateway
  • AliPay


Shipping: Shipping is a very important stage for your customers; it builds a mutual trust between you and your customers. WebCom Technology provides simple ways to calculate additional shipping charges which can be configured based on order total or weight. Discounts on shipping can be applied as a percent or fixed amount. The system also allows you to limit and control available shipping methods per country and supports a “no shipping required” service. It also allows customers to provide separate addresses for billing and shipping. There is also an integration feature with several major shipping carriers, allowing your customers to choose their preferred carrier based on price, destination, and expertise. Also, the customer will have the option of tracking the current location of their shipment.

Tax Features

Tax Features: The system provides various ways to meet your preferences, expectations, and store’s legal requirements for handling taxes. Taxes are configured by country, state, and zip. In addition:

  • Store owners can specify “tax based on” billing/shipping/default/shipping origin address setting.
  • Prices can be displayed including or excluding tax.
  • Store owners can specify whether shipping is taxable.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the process that makes your website visible to search engines like Google and ensures your site is accessible to them. WebCom Technology uses the best and latest techniques to make your site appear as close to the top of search results as possible. Search engine results can be improved by using set keywords, tags and customized URLs, and the system gives you full access for managing and customizing these. This will give your site more weight with Google when it comes to ranking your site against similar sites. The system also integrates with Google Analytics, connecting web usage data with customer transactions.

Customer Services

Customer Services: Maintaining the comfort and satisfaction of your customers is critical. The WebCom Technology e-commerce system includes many features that help make the system more user-friendly, including:

  • Supports customer registration and login using Facebook, Twitter, and OpenID.
  • A wish list service lets customers to store their products for purchasing at later time.
  • Customers can view a list of their order history and order statuses.
  • Option to offer live chat to support your customers at any time.
  • Displays languages that are right to left or left to right for customers that use different alphabets, such as English, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.
  • Supports EU cookie laws that require websites to gain permission from users before planting cookies.

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