Professional Email Addresses

Meet your organization’s needs for communication with our professional email service. We provide an enterprise server, DNS service, and an always-on Internet connection to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Professional email service includes business email (, private and secure live chat, and collaboration tools for businesses of any size. Components of this service include:


Intuitive and easy access to your email from your web browser.

Instant Messaging

Private and secure chat sessions allows users to communicate with multiple groups across your organization using your favorite live chat app.

Desktop/Mobile Sync

Email service syncs across mobile devices, tablets and desktop applications.


Share tasks, contacts, calendars, and notes with any user or group of users in your company.


Easy-To-Use Interface

Easy-To-Use Interface: Send and receive email messages and collaborate from anywhere in the world through a simple and intuitive user interface.

Instant Communication

Instant Communication: With professional business e-mail instant messaging features, you can use your own instant messaging desktop client or mobile client to have instant, secure and reliable access to anyone within your organization. Discuss business and tasks with your users in real time in anywhere and in any time zone.

Administrative Control

Administrative Control: You have full access to add, update, or delete email users and can notify users when a new email arrives.

Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility: Professional business email supports a variety of synchronization protocols, including the industry’s premier technology. It works with computers, tablets, and smartphones on all of the major platforms.

Share anything with your users

Share anything with your users: Collaboration features can be used individually or shared to increase productivity, and they will synchronize across your users’ favorite platforms.

  • Calendar: Schedule, manage and create multiple calendars easily between groups. Easily organize your schedule, show task dates and more.
  • Tasks: Assign, plan, and track important tasks. Never miss a deadline again.
  • Notes: Keep your ideas and notes handy. Notes can easily edited, imported, exported, or printed.
  • Contacts: Share emails and instant messaging between individuals and groups for better collaboration. Import, export, and merge contacts and more.

File Storage

File Storage: Upload your work through your personal dashboard. Share files of any size without using a special third-party file manager.


Security: Constantly updated protection stops spam and advanced threats before they reach you. Our spam filtering knocks out 97% spam out of the box. Additional security features add extra protection, including:

  • Message Sniffer: This intelligent anti-spam filter for business e-mail systems uses cooperative learning techniques to accurately identify spam, fraud, viruses, and other email malware before it hits your email inbox.
  • Premium Antispam: Cyren’s Recurrent Pattern Detection service is used to detect and block spam in any language or format with virtually no false positives.
  • Zero-Hour Antivirus: Virus protection that’s immediate and even effective for new outbreaks.

Web Services

Web Services: WebCom Technology’s business email service has an application programming interface (API), which provides programmatic access to most of the functions available in the web interface. This can be utilized to automate tasks such as creating mailboxes, modifying domain or system settings, managing the spool, determining domain-specific bandwidth usage for billing, and much more.

Integrating Products

Integrating Products: Thanks to the available application programming interface (API), third-party developers can build and integrate their own modules for applications of other popular products and services. In addition, we set up modules for some of the leading management applications and control panels that are used by web hosts, ISPs, and companies worldwide.

We can help you choose the perfect solution to suit your company requirements and budget.

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