Dedicated hosting

It’s very important for any organization to have good hosting for its business. Hosting for high performance processes or web applications requires effective management, availability, and security. Our dedicated hosting solutions can be tailored to your specific needs.


Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server: Webcom Technology dedicated server is the ideal solution for large businesses and high-traffic websites such as big data applications, gaming, or e-commerce sites. Our servers come with a management interface, pre-configured security, and the flexibility to add more processing or storage as you need them.

High Workload

High Workload: Our servers can handle any type of workload. If you need to scale up or down, you can do so easily without any interruption to service, thanks to our flexible contracts.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable: You can specify every aspect of your server and build the perfect server for your needs. Select the processors, RAM, hard drive storage, and network connectivity levels that you prefer. If you’re not sure what you need, we can help you choose.

Fast and On Time

Fast and On Time: We can build your custom server and have it ready to go in as little as 30 minutes in most cases. Certain customization requests may take a bit longer – up to 3 hours for advanced configurations.


Secure: Our security experts can set up a solution that meets your security needs, including a Cisco firewall solution managed by our network engineers.

Managed Support

Managed Support: You can choose to let our team of experts help you administer and secure your dedicated server. Core services include hardware and file system monitoring, security, and managed backup.

Fanatical Support

Fanatical Support: Our highly trained support team monitors and maintains your infrastructure 24x7x365, so you can focus on developing your business.


Hardware: Choose one of our pre-configured options or customize your dedicated server to meet your business goals. Customization options include:
  1. Processor: Add high performing processors to enable your workload to run faster and more efficiently.
  2. RAM: Add up to 3TB of RAM memory capacity during initial deployment or increase memory capacity later if your needs grow.
  3. SSD: Choose solid state drives (SSDs) when you want very high performance and low latency.
  4. SAS: Choose serial attached SCSI (SAS) drives for critical applications that require high-performance speed. Our SAS drives include a 12 GB/s interface with 16MB of cache and rotation speed of 10K or 15K RPM.
  5. SATA: Choose SATA when you want need lots of storage capacity, especially for lower workload and non-critical operations. SATA drives include a 6.0 GB/s interface with 64MB of cache. SATA drives are off used for backup, websites, and email.
  6. Hardware RAID Controller: Hardware RAID controllers provide redundant storage arrays to protect your data and boost performance. All RAID controllers are installed with a battery backup unit.

Customize Your Network

Customize Your Network: Choose from a menu of bandwidth packages, port speed upgrades, and networking appliances. We have whatever you need to ensure fast, reliable, and secure delivery of your applications to users. Get a Cisco® ASA firewall managed by certified engineers. 10G switches from Cisco and Arista maximize your network connection speeds and provide the flexibility to scale up and scale out your network. Get DDoS protection from attacks that threaten your business. Talk to us about the options you need, and we’ll provide them.

We can help you choose the perfect solution to suit your company requirements and budget.

Please contact WebCom to speak to an IT specialist and get a free quotation.