Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are growing in importance every day. They’re widely used by people all over the world. Businesses are taking advantage of mobile to advance and improve their products and services. Companies large and small are turning to mobile applications to help them get ahead of the game and take their marketing to the next level. WebCom Technology’s team of qualified mobile application developers is here to help. We can create customized mobile applications closely aligned with business needs. We develop for all of the major platforms, including:


Design and develop professional iPhone and iPad applications.


Design and develop professional Android smartphone and tablet applications.


Design and develop professional Windows smartphone and tablet applications.


Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development: You don’t need a separate mobile website, you need one, mobile-friendly website that will work for everyone. A mobile-friendly website provides the same functionality as a regular website and works equally well on small, mobile devices and large desktop screens. So instead of creating a mobile app to serve users on portable devices, consider developing a mobile-friendly version of your website. Webcom Technology’s mobile web developers are experts at using responsive design and the latest open source frameworks that provide native-like experiences and are based in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Mobile Web App Development

Mobile Web App Development: Mobile web apps, based on HTML5 and JavaScript, look like regular mobile websites but behave and are used like native applications. The web app user’s interface looks and acts like that of a native app, but the technologies behind it are those of the web.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development: Hybrid mobile apps are just like native apps – they can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play store. You can then install them on your mobile device and launch them just as you would any other app. The crucial difference is that some or all of the code is written using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, which means it can be reused across multiple device platforms (IOS/Android/Windows). This eliminates the need to create and maintain completely separate versions of your apps for each platform.

Mobile Application Developers

Mobile Application Developers: Our mobile application designers and developers create innovative mobile application solutions. The goal of WebCom Technology’s mobile application development team is not only to help your idea of an app become a reality, but also to help your organization attract more customers and operate more efficiently at lower costs. By hiring mobile application developers from WebCom Technology, you can be confident that you’re dealing with the best developers in terms of skills and experience, creativity, affordable cost, and on-time project delivery.

We can help you choose the perfect solution to suit your company requirements and budget.

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